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FIORI consistently produces some of the most remarkable floral arrangements all over the world.  You can find our work in restaurants and hotels, but you can also have smaller arrangements tailored to your home. FIORI has modern, architectural arrangements and everything you can think about. 


It takes vision, creativity, and technical skill to create and maintain extraordinary hotel flowers that embrace and enhance each building and brand - and most importantly offer the warmest of welcomes. You’ll find FIORI’s floral designs in some of the most loved and admired luxury hotels.Inspiring environments make for a comfortable and beautiful workspace. Studies show that well-chosen office flowers and plants boost cognition, productivity, and even improve sleep quality.



FIORI’s arrangements create uplifting, colourful and memorable weekly corporate flower arrangements across Mexico City. We deliver high-quality floral designs that stay looking fresh for a whole week.


Creating a fine dining atmosphere is all about the details. This goes well beyond music, lighting, art on the walls and of course flowers. Every tiny detail is meant to tie together. 

Creating jaw-dropping, memorable event flowers takes skill, experience and visionary creativity. From worldwide International Film Festivals to royal weddings, FIORI by House of Kirschner is a trusted and renowned event floristry - setting the standard for floral creativity, style, elegance and meticulous planning... There are no limits to the possibilities!


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