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Photographer and Videographer

Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

In this position you have a very important task: to capture the magic that characterizes House of Kirschner events. Because of this, you will have the opportunity to attend the locations of the events and get to know beautiful places to capture inside and outside your lens. One great thing about this position is that you have creative freedom. During the set-ups, your responsibility is to collect an audiovisual capture of everything that happens, from the start to the end of the set up. During the event you must make high-quality photographic and video graphic content, always trying to surpass reality.


  • Event coverage

  • Material for posts

  • Material for stories

  • Posts on social media

  • Guidelines

  • Copys

  • Ipads

  • Web material

  • Web page

  • Gathering documentation

  • Pre production, selection, production and post production of photographs and videos.

  • Material for Mauricio's social networks

  • Living Catalog

  • Material for Norberto

About the Company

House of Kirschner is a company created to fulfill dreams, and by this we mean everyone's dreams. One of our medium term missions is to take HOK to an increasingly international level. We aim to open offices in Paris, New York, London and Shanghai. This will undoubtedly open up many opportunities for those who work with us.

At HOK we create unforgettable experiences at the peak moments of people's lives, such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries; as well as events where the only objective is for people to have fun, such as music festivals or unique parties. Our vision for HOK is that within the next few years we will collaborate with the brightest creative minds in the fashion industry and high profile events such as fashion shows, runways, and luxury house launches. I know that we have the abilities to also get involved in world-renowned events such as the opening of the Olympic Games, the intermission of the Super Bowl, and the Met Gala.

HOK is a company with a generous spirit. We care about all the souls that work in the company, as well as the souls that we touch in each of our events. It is thanks to this that we have acquired great success in such a short time, and we are certain that we will achieve our goals collectively.

What makes HOK stand out is our excellence, passion for what we do and attention to detail. We have the ability to trigger the most powerful sensory experiences a human being can have on Earth. From our exquisite curatorship of music and performances, the most pleasant gastronomy and drinks, and state-of-the-art technology to achieve the most surprising visual elements. At HOK we elevate humanity through unforgettable sensory experiences, and we intend that the experiences we create are increasingly immersive.

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